360 Automation Manager

icon1DealerEngage 360 has been described as the engine with easy and efficient automotive communication in mind. It responds to the constantly growing need for integration among the many different communication methods of today’s online environment. Actions performed by customers trigger relevant and timely reactions from the marketing automation manager through the entire life cycle of a client.

Automotive Customer Targeting

Build automotive customer profiles and gain valuable insights with form, landing page and website analytics. Every action that a contact takes is tracked and recorded, enabling you to connect with each lead and customer through personalized messages based on their needs and interests. Personally targeted messages increase interaction and conversion. Example

Lead Nurturing

Automotive Customer Targeted MessageGuide prospects from first point of contact to sale with personally targeted automotive lead nurturing programs. One of the biggest challenges businesses face is identifying qualified leads and turning them into customers. Automotive Marketing Automation helps you find the hottest leads and appeal to their needs so they will convert.

Personal Profiles

Send automotive contacts the right content at the right time via their preferred mode of communication. Automatically collect and store information from each contact in their personal profile. You can use this information to connect with contacts in the way that is most convenient and effective for them. This builds loyalty and increases engagement.

API Connection

Trigger automated campaigns via your own system with our easy-to-use API. Once you connect the systems, all information that is stored in your system can be used to personally target messages and campaigns. This saves you hours of time each day and simplifies your marketing process while increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns.