Retargeting Potential Customers

kgfbDozens of customers visit your dealership every day, but only a portion of them actually make a purchase. What about those other customers, who were interested enough to come in to the dealership but did not purchase anything? They may still be valuable leads, but the challenge lies in reengaging them and nurturing the lead with highly relevant resources that will hook their interest and keep them connected to your dealership.

Step 1: Signup Forms

Customer Collected Data – When a customer comes in to your dealership, as you’re talking with them, ask if they would like to sign up for your email newsletter. You can collect their information on simple paper forms or, even faster, on a tablet. By having the tablet (or paper forms) close by, you can easily gather customer contact information. That is the first step, because then even if the potential customer leaves without purchasing you can reconnect with them through personally targeted email messages.

Step 2: Find Out More

The key to building a trusting relationship with a new customer is showing them that you care about their needs. In order to target their personal needs and interests, you need to know more about them. Send them an introductory email with links to several helpful resources, such as maintenance tips, buying guides, comparison charts and so on. The email should also include an exclusive promotional offer so the customer immediately knows that your dealership offers great deals.

Step 3: Review and Retarget

Use your email reporting tools to track which links the customer clicks. You can then use that information to target future emails. If the customer does not open the email within a specified amount of time (let’s say, within a week) then a second email can be sent with a survey. Explain that the survey is meant to better understand the customer’s needs. The survey should attempt to gather the customer’s approximate location, vehicle needs, what type or model they are looking for and so on. You can also offer a limited time promotion to try to reengage the customer.

Step 4: Use Your Information

Once the customer takes some sort of action, such as clicking links or filling out a survey, you now have additional information to work with. You can send better targeted emails to each customer, based on the information you have gathered. Now you can start sending emails targeted to each customer’s interests and needs. You can send resources and specially tailored promotions, and you can do it all automatically if you have an automated solution which sends messages based on specific triggers.

Step 5: Stay Connected

Check your email report data frequently. Your automated email solution will help you identify who is a hot lead and who is not engaging at all. If a customer is continuing to open your emails, you can continue to use the resulting data to send personalized messages and even ask if you can give them a call to try to build more of a connection or arrange a dealership visit. If a customer has not opened your emails or taken any action in several months (you should decide what your time limit will be), send them an email asking them if they still wish to be a part of your email campaigns. Unless they confirm that they still want to receive emails, take them off the email list and focus on other leads so you’re not just spamming an unreceptive person with irrelevant messages.