Agency Solutions

Car HeaderDealer Engage Agency Solution is a new model being unveiled by Dealer Engage that will allow even more versatility for our customers. This model has been designed specifically for marketing and advertising agencies based on real feedback and suggestions from industry leaders. Agencies often face a challenge when it comes to managing all their dealership data and organizing campaigns for each dealer.

We set out to make a tool that agencies could use to give each dealership manager access to versatile automation tools, while being able to set permissions for other staff members. From a single account, you access and manage all of your client accounts, manage employees and users, and create, edit, and analyze campaigns. We built a model that is cost-effective and efficient for marketing and advertising agencies. It can be used in a multitude of scenarios with relatively little computer knowledge necessary. We also have an API built in for agencies who want to do their own customization.

Grow your clients’ dealerships faster than ever before, and grow your own agency as a result.

What Is The Agency Solution?

Dealer Engage Agency Solution gives marketing agencies one powerful account that links to ten unique client accounts, all with Enterprise level access to Dealer Engage 360, our marketing automation platform. The solution comes with 10 user logins with unique permissions for employee and project management and 100,000 contacts that can be distributed among the 10 accounts.

How Does That Benefit Us?

With ten accounts and 150,000 contacts, you are capable of catering to large and small dealers and giving them the contacts they need with the services they want. The Agency account provides the flexibility to arrange the contacts among your clients based on how many contacts they require or pay for at a given time. That way, you never have to worry about contacts going to waste, or having a shortage. It’s worth noting that these are starting values, and additional contacts can be purchased as necessary.

What If Multiple People Are Managing Parts Of The Service?

With multi-user account permissions for individual employees, you have complete control over which employees can access which functions and campaigns. You can change the permissions to allow multiple staff members to work on one or more areas of a campaign for a client, and limit access for others. You can also allow a client to see how you have constructed their campaigns without allowing them to change anything.

How Does It Work?

You have a single login portal for your agency through which you can log into your clients’ accounts, and all your dealership data is separated in their individual accounts. This way you have no risk of mixing up data, and everyone logs in from the same place. The portal is known as the Agency Dashboard. The Agency Dashboard has been custom-built specifically for marketing agencies to enable you to manage all users and client accounts from one place. You can create and login to dealership accounts right from the Agency Dashboard, and even link client accounts that have already been created in the Dealer Engage system. You can also manage all of your agency’s employees through the Agency Dashboard by setting them up with their own user accounts with unique roles and permissions. You can control which campaigns, designs, and content employees are able to view, edit, and send across different client accounts.

This Sounds Good, But How Do I Profit?

We don’t regulate how you do business beyond your use of the Agency Account and Dashboard, so you have the freedom to charge clients for the use of the software, and even add a premium on top of what we are charging you. In other words, you pay for your Agency account, and then you can charge your clients what you like for the use of the 360 marketing automation service.