Automated Marketing

Dealer Engage builds automation that reduces repetitive processes associated with marketing and customer communication through a number of channels. Automotive Dealers may use such factors as customer vehicle interest, current vehicle ownership, driving history, mileage and engage segmented customers. This makes it easy for dealership marketing teams to create a target engagement plan and measure the efficiency of the required resources. By employing an email management campaign, marketers send pre-formatted messages about products to a list of email contacts. Automated Marketing has become the best solution for developing targeted email marketing and sales engagement and driving revenue for dealerships – in both sales and service.

automation_dealer_engageAutomation complements and integrates with communication solutions (email, text, voice), thus eliminating the need to waste time manually importing data from each platform and risk costly errors. It also provides direct event capabilities itself. Examples include dealer event invitations, registration landing pages, service reminders, sales follow-ups, event management and analytics with the ability to clone previous engagement campaigns to streamline the process and increase productivity and efficiency for the entire dealership.