Automated Voice Messages


Voice broadcasting application allows you to record or upload an audio file and then have it automatically transmitted over phone lines to a list of contacts that is provided . The service also provides an automatic unsubscribe mechanism that makes it easy for your contacts to stop receiving calls from you if they are no longer interested. This is a must when doing voice broadcasts of any kind, that is why it is included.

Simple Setup

Send thousands of voice messages at once without touching a phone. You can easily upload your own message or create a message in multiple languages using our text-to-speech feature. With simple setup, quick scheduling and test calling, your automated voice campaigns will be up and running in minutes.

Text to Speech

Build your voice message using text-to-speech or upload an audio file you’ve created. Our voice tool supports WAV, MP3 and Ogg. You can easily upload, delete and manage audio files. Decide whether or not you want to leave a message if your contacts don’t pick up so you can connect with them even if they’re not immediately available.

Legal Compliance

Customize your TSID and use our unsubscribe management system to ensure legal compliance. Because voice message marketing and communication is strictly regulated, it is essential to follow legal standards. Our voice tool offers an easy unsubscribe function for contacts, and you will get a price estimate before you send.