Automotive Telematics

Since dealers provide regular maintenance (oil changes, tire rotation, etc.) vehicle owners would be interested in getting usage-based alerts about maintenance from their preferred shop. Rather than sending a mailer every three or six months to customers about oil changes, specific customers could be targeted for reminders via e-mail, text message or voice mail based on their actual mileage.

Dealers can also remotely read trouble codes, which could make scheduling repairs easier for both the driver and the service department. Presenting a simple alert, without a lot of confusing detail, might be better for consumer-facing solutions. Dealers have the ability to enlighten the customer enough so they know if the problem requires immediate attention, or if it can wait.

Warranty and recall management is the biggest driver and benefit of big data for car companies. By 2020, approximately 35 million connected vehicles in North America and Europe will make relevant data sets available for car companies to assimilate and convert into actionable insights.

In order to provide a full service experience for your customer base, a hardware solution can be added to the entire process to include implementing a strategy that uses the OBDII port for data. This would allow our platform to use the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), odometer, speed, fuel percentage, and more. Having a detailed picture of the customer’s vehicle further personalizes the customer experience and allows the dealership to create an interactive communication process.

Full Service Connected Vehicle Platform

From there, we can build automated engagement between the dealership and the customer. For example, the dealership can know specific mileage and communicate a menu of services through email, or text a message about the generated codes in order to build trust and provide complimentary services. This process helps build rapport with customers through the solution, which also provides detailed data on the vehicle.

The benefit is that the automated communication solution can create a highly personalized process for the customer, on behalf of the dealer. Every time something is triggered in the device and mileage and other data is provided, the customer receives relevant information that they can use, helping to build trust and increase engagement with the dealership.