Autosoft – Dealer Engage Partnership

Autosoft and Dealer Engage – The #1 Customer Flow Communication Platform

Strengthen Entire Customer Experience

AutoSoft DMS LogoDid you know that some automation software can actually be integrated into your existing DMS so it can send messages to customers based on internal triggers from the DMS? That means that certain data that you enter into your DMS would be used to trigger automatic communication campaigns.

Dealer Engage, having fully integrated with Autosoft, allows messages sent automatically, based on DMS data, allowing your customers to receive relevant messages faster. This communication happens without you having to send the messages manually or even having to tell the system how and when to send messages.

Build Trust and Maintain Relationships: With automatic date-specific and time-delayed messages, it is easy to follow up with each and every customer. Customers can forget about appointments. This only causes confusion and in the end, loss of revenue when appointments get missed or canceled. Automate the process so it can never be said that you did not do everything possible to remind each client on a personal level.

You can deliver automated emails, text messages, voice messages, faxes, surveys, Twitter and Facebook messages and more. It is ideal to have multiple ways to contact your customers, so they can select the most convenient way to engage them and also so you can extend your reach over different channels.

Reach Automotive Customers Efficiently: Customers can select how they want to be contacted – by email, SMS or voicemail so you can easily reach them. Not everyone checks email. Don’t limit yourself to one channel. With marketing automation, you can send a personalized message over the chosen mode of communication. Clients who live in a mobile world can get texts for example. Have an audience that loves social media? No problem. Easily add Twitter or Facebook messages to the mix.

Cater to Customers’ Automotive Preferences: Website visitors select the vehicle they are interested in and automatically receive targeted marketing messages. This is great for providing more detailed information that will engage the reader on what they want to learn about. Sending general information does not work anymore. Think bigger.

Reduce No-Shows with Automatic Service Reminders: Automated messages help you stay in contact with customers to drive business back to your dealership. Stop wasting time managing appointments and reminders and give your whole communication plan a smooth flow from start to finish. Let the software automate what is needed and have customer service people at the ready when requested. This will cut down on cost and allow you to keep your shop full of booked appointments.

Expand Your Automotive Advertising Reach Over Multiple Channels: Reach out in multiple ways and manage your social media pages automatically from one solution. Most dealerships have a Facebook page or Twitter account. But it’s not 2010 anymore. You need more than just being present on each. You need to post timely and valuable content that builds loyalty and keeps your dealership top of mind. If someone needs a tire change, maybe it was your Facebook post on how often you should rotate tires that put you on their radar. The bigger your advertising reach, the more people you can add to the sales funnel.

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Vehicle Parts Notifications: Customers can receive an automatic status update when parts arrive for their car. Sometimes a full repair can’t be done because you need a particular part. Allow a customer to know when that part comes in so they can be proactive and pick it up. This also cuts down on time it takes to process and contact the client. This will help boost customer satisfaction as they feel like they are more in control of the situation.

Your salespeople and customer service staff already do a great job connecting with customers, yet they don’t have the time to reach out to every customer with personalized promotions, appointment reminders and more. A customer flow communication solution such as Dealer Engage, helps to make the overall communication more consistent so each customer feels like the star of the show.