The Benefits of Personalization in the Automotive Industry

Communication has changed the world of marketing. As communication technologies grow, as do the expectations of your audience. People today expect personalized communications that are tailored to their interests and preferences. This is especially true in the automotive industry where personalization is incredibly beneficial to you and to your individual clients and leads.

Knowing everything about their automobile

This may perhaps be the biggest benefit of personalization for the automotive industry: knowing everything about an individual client’s car at a glance. What year is it? When is it due for an oil change?

New communication technologies allow for you to automatically gather this information and use it in your communications with clients.

Using custom information to personalize communications

Now that you’re able to gather and store information about an individual and their automobile automatically, you can know use this information to improve personalization in your email, SMS, or voice communications. Using personalization, you can send clients reminders of their next oil change automatically, for example. This improves your communications and shows clients that you have a vested interest in their business and in their car.

Gather from various sources

For leads who may not have purchased from you yet, you can still learn about them by gathering information from their behavior on your website. Has one lead visited your truck page and not your car page? Does another lead seem more interested in used cars? There’s lots of valuable information you can garner about leads from your website if you’re using the right technology.

Target your marketing campaigns

With information gathered on both leads and clients, you can target your marketing campaigns to appeal to the specific preferences and customer lifecycle stage of each contact. If a contact, for example, has just visited your website for the first time and has signed up for more information, you don’t want to provide him or her with the same message you would give someone who has been a client for five years.

If you’re ready to personalize your communications and boost customer engagement and increase brand loyalty, it may be time to try a marketing automation platform. These platforms combine multiple channels of communication in order to automatically gather personal information and use it to tailor communications to specifically appeal to each one of your contacts individually.