Building Engagement

smartphone-textingImprove Customer Satisfaction with Notifications

Customer engagement is no longer a series of one-off marketing materials, it’s an ongoing dialogue. It means listening to customers who are already having conversations about vehicles – yours and others — in traditional online channels as well as over the social sites. So jump into those conversations in a genuine and human way.

Customers are a lot more savvy and informed than even last year, their expectations are increasing on a daily basis.

Dealership customers can receive an automatic status update through their communication mode of choice (email, text, voice mail) when parts arrive for their car. Sometimes a full repair can’t be done because a particular part is needed. Allow a customer to know when that part comes in so the dealer can be proactive and contact the customer in a very timely fashion to schedule a visit.

This also cuts down on the time it takes to process and contact the client manually. Marketing automation will help reduce time and effort spent and boost customer satisfaction, as customers will feel like they are more in control of the situation and aware of what is going on.

The new customer engagement strategy should feel less like a marketing and sales campaign and more like a well-developed friendship founded on the basis of interdependent needs and mutual respect. The feedback you get from your customers isn’t just important for you, it’s important for them, as well. If you can listen to what your customers are saying and improve the product and their experience, everybody wins. You get more loyal customers; they get what they really need and want.

Engagement is not an event, it’s a commitment – a nurturing process across channels.