Capitalizing On The Economy

Dealership MarketingThere’s a law of nature that simply says, “You reap what you sow.”

That means if you plant an apple seed in the ground, it will produce an apple tree, not an orange tree. Dealerships who have not planted the good seed of customer retention aren’t going to produce repeat business.

And now they’re reaping the results of that behavior.

Likewise, consumers who have been treated to a consultative, long term approach to providing for their transportation needs are sticking with the dealerships that have taken care of them. They prefer the value of the relationship over and above the perceived good deal that might be offered elsewhere.

Let’s face it: The days of the hard sale have come to an end. Consumers want people who will listen and provide solutions to their specific needs.

You can start by committing to regular training – No matter how good you are, you’ve never arrived. Ask the best and you’ll always find they are the first in line for training.