CarProof – CarFax Process

As we all know accidents happen and cars need to repaired – which is recorded by insurance companies, police reports and more data sources. When presenting these to used car customers – at what point in the process do you present these? What is the biggest total repair you have presented and had a customer purchase?

The truth is 99.5% of the time, the accident on a CarFax on the dealers lot was not a salvage title, did not have any airbag deployment or did not have frame damage – all true indicators the accident was severe. I’m assuming most of us don’t sell junk. Right!

So with the facts, no severe indications, you can pretty much be honest with the customer:

Mr. Customer – Now we know you did say there was an accident on the carfax, and YES, for sure, we knew that when the car was traded in, but HONESTLY, after having our service and body shop manager have a deep inspection of the car, and with “no serious indicators on the data provided “, we’re very confidant the vehicle was fixed better than new. We can’t find where the damage even was (or point out the obvious). And after all, that was 2 years ago and you thought the car drove awesome. Not as bad as you thought right?