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The Importance of Good Feedback

Getting good feedback from customers and employees is vital for any dealership that expects to grow. Without knowledge, dealership leaders can not make educated decisions. Uneducated decisions lead to a higher rate of failure, which can have detrimental impacts on a business. Without high quality information, a business owner is flying blind. When flying an airplane, pilots

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Marketing and Sales: What is the difference?

Marketing and sales are one of the most important components of a dealerships survival in the market. While both are dependent on each other many people confuse marketing with sales and vice-versa which is a big mistake. Marketing involves designing a product according to the needs of the market and customers, promoting the product through

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The Benefits of Personalization in the Automotive Industry

Communication has changed the world of marketing. As communication technologies grow, as do the expectations of your audience. People today expect personalized communications that are tailored to their interests and preferences. This is especially true in the automotive industry where personalization is incredibly beneficial to you and to your individual clients and leads. Knowing everything

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