Contact Changed

dealer_engage_automated_marketing-10The Contact Changed element is a powerful new tool that you are able to use via the Contact Relationship Manager section in a marketing automation platform, which you can use while building your automated marketing campaign. This element gives you more options in regard to putting your contacts through various campaigns depending on any actions they have taken and decreases the amount of manual maintenance required when your contacts’ profile information gets updated.

In this document we will go over the basics of how to begin using the Contact Changed element in your campaigns, as well as an example of a real life situation where you could implement it.

First things first

The Contact Changed element can only be used as a starting point at the beginning of your campaign. It functions as a trigger to allow contacts to be added to different campaigns. whenever any data in their profile is altered, such as their contact information, or tags and scores.

How it works

After you insert the Contact Changed element into the beginning of your campaign, enter the Setup Wizard to edit the parameters for the element. In order to access the Wizard, the element must be connected to another element in your campaign.

The element can be set to be trigger a campaign depending on whether a column in the contact’s CRM profile has been updated with new information, whether the contact’s metadata has been changed, or whether the contact has been added, moved, or removed from any of the lists the element is associated with. You can choose any or all of the aforementioned options and set the parameters for each in the corresponding sections below in the Setup Wizard. The Contact Changed element is limited to the lists that you select to be affected by the element. The element will only trigger whenever the profile information of a contact in one of the associated lists has been altered.

Column Updated: When you select to have the Contact Changed element trigger when a column in the customer’s CRM profile is updated with new information, you can select which column you wish the element to look at, and to be triggered by. You can select multiple columns from the dropdown menu, such as name, company, country, email, and phone number, and they will be added to the list of columns that will trigger the Contact Changed element. If you do not select which columns you would like to trigger the element, every update to every column will trigger the element.

Metadata Updated: When you select the Metadata Updated option in the Setup Wizard, you can choose to have the Contact Changed element triggered whenever any metadata fields are changed in the contact’s CRM profile. These fields include any tags or scores given to the contact that are updated automatically as the contact moves through a separate 360 flow. Metadata updates also include email link clicks, email opens, potential value as well as many more options in the drop down list.

You are able to select as many as you like by continuing to choose from the drop down. If you do not select the type of metadata update you would like to trigger the Contact Changed element, every change made to any of the metadata fields will trigger the element.

Lists Updated: When you select the Lists Changed option in the Setup Wizard, this means that the Contact Changed element will be triggered anytime a contact on one of its associated lists has either been added to a new list, or when a new contact is added to one of the lists associated with the Contact Changed element. The element will also be triggered when a contact is removed from an associated list, however this only happens if that contact remains on another list that is connected to the element. If the contact is removed from every list that is affected by the Contact Changed element, then they will not be triggered to go through your campaign.

Before you exit the Setup Wizard, you must always select at least one list that will be affected by the Contact Changed element. You can do this by selecting from the drop down menu in the Select Lists field at the bottom of the Wizard.