How to Create Activity With Social Media

Dealer EngageThe internet lets you interact with web surfers and you can create and promote your content by using the right strategy. You can reach targeted traffic and key influencers with social media. Let’s look at some important tips that can help you get a better understanding of social media marketing.

Don’t become a follower trying to keep up with every idea that comes along. Instead set your goals and establish your own processes, such as keyword research or content analysis, then map out your plan. Far too many companies will move too fast before they’ve ever put a plan in place. If you don’t put a plan into place you are not going to see any good results.

When it comes to social media helping others is key to success. People fail with their social media marketing because they are too about “me,” and not enough about “them.” Always remember that this should be about those who are visiting your social media marketing page not about you.

You can reach out to those who are influencers in the marketplace. You’ll be surprised how brand advocates can help you in your niche. Remember to always be polite and sincere.

You need to create content that is of the highest quality. As important as social media is, content remains the most important aspect of your online business and marketing campaign. There are a number of opportunities waiting for you.

Position Yourself
To create a powerful connection to your brand and your dealership, learn how to position yourself amongst consumer passion.

A blog is so easy to set up and it is one of the most powerful social media tools out there. As more and more people discover their value they a beginning to grow at an astronomical rate.

Don’t be afraid of linking. Linking to other websites and blogs can be a powerful tool for you to build a targeted audience. Search engines are built on links. Learn how to use them to your advantage to drive traffic to your website.

Video is one of the fastest growing sectors of the internet. You have the potential to reach millions when you use video correctly. For a wider distribution there are other tools that you can use such as to aid in automating distribution of your videos. You’ll draw the most viewers with videos that are funny, weird, and controversial in nature.

RSS Feeds
RSS feeds are an excellent way to spread the word. You can easily distribute update notices, headlines, and content change. People like to be kept in the loop and know what’s going on. Subscribing to an RSS feed allows them to do that. There are all kinds of RSS feeds that people subscribe to including My Yahoo Web and iGoogle, as well as many others. Make sure you take advantage of what an RSS feed can do for you.

Micro Communities
There are all kinds of micro communities that pertain to your business. In fact, there’s a micro community for almost every interest. For example,,,, etc. If you want to have your voice heard micro communities are a much better option than trying to get noticed on one of the large communities such as Create relevant remarks that are link worthy and don’t forget to connect with the top influencers online.