Dealer Engage CRM

icon11One of the perks of using marketing automation is being able to manage all of your customers in one place, anywhere and any time. Dealer Engage’s contact manager will give your organization the competitive advantage you are looking for. Manage contacts in real-time as soon as they make that first interaction with you through easy to use lead generation software. Manage sales pipelines, take advantage of lead scoring and have the most up to date profile of every one of your contacts. This will take the pressure off , point out who is ready to close and in the end, increase conversions and revenue. With our easy-to-use solution you can completely streamline the lead management process. This will link your team with the individual contacts they need to reach out to. This includes contacts generated from online, offline, mobile and social media marketing.

Lead Nurturing

Track your leads’ behaviour from the first touchpoint through to the first sale and beyond. Your timeline shows you when each interaction took place and dynamic pipelines enable you to identify the hottest qualified leads. Even anonymous visitors are tracked so you collect valuable lead information.

dealer_engage_32View Lead Data

Discover which products and services leads are interested in and how to best engage them. The lead dashboard shows you all the important lead and customer information you need. View behaviour tracking data, interaction history, preferred method of contact and much more.

Create Tasks

Auto-generate tasks for your sales team to make sure they are effective as possible. Specific tasks help your team stay on track and follow up with qualified leads automatically. Leads may be automatically or manually added to your nurturing process.

Sales Dashboard

Get a daily snapshot of the progress of your company’s data collection methods and pipelines. The sales dashboard shows you where each lead is, enables you to manage all contact data and shows you your report data. Salespeople can even take ownership of specific leads to further personalize the connection and decrease confusion.