Customer Contact Skills

Dealership Customer SalesBody Language and Tone of Voice
This skill is required to enhance proper communication since only a certain part of communication is based on the words you use.

Preview – Advantage – Confirm
This skill is used to share control with your customers. Use it anytime you want to transition from one step in the process to another.

Preview – Tell the customer what you’d like to do.
Advantage – Tell the customer what the advantage will be to them. Confirm – Get the customer to agree with your plan.

Tie – Downs
This skill helps you affirm and re-enforce the positive side of a customer’s decision making process. Use this tool throughout the process to make selling easier.
Standard Tie – Down – That’s a good idea isn’t it?
Inverted Tie – Down – Wouldn’t you agree that this would save you time?

Feature – Benefit – Consequence – Tie Down
Use this skill to build value during a presentation. Feature – What is it?
Benefit – What will it do for me?
Consequence – What is in it for the customer? Tie Down –

Similar to Feel, Felt and Found, this skill can be used to address customer concerns.
Restate the customer’s concern so they know you understand them. Isolate the concern.
Convert the concern to a question so that you can…

Handle the question using additional resources.

Open Ended Questions
This skill helps you extract the maximum amount of information in the least amount of time. Use open ended questions to find out more about customer concerns during the Reservation process and the Write up.