Dealer Engage – Customer Flow Communication

In the automotive industry you want to drive sales without spending all of your budget on marketing. So how can you expand your electronic reach without increasing costs? When you send out personalized messages about promotions, models potential customers are interested in or maintenance reminders you’ll be able to engage your customers and increase sales opportunities. DealerEngage’s 360 Customer Flow Communication platform provides you with an opportunity to build an engaging relationship with your customers. It’s how you make your dealership stand out by combining marketing automation, inbound marketing and multi-channel communication into one central flow.

DealerEngage’s 360 offers amazing communication potential from one central location. For example, a dealer runs a retail location with a service department, they want to increase vehicle sales and keep customers coming back for maintenance over their lifespan. First the dealership creates a sign-up form that collects data on what sorts of vehicles customers want to buy. Next he setups a campaign that automatically uses that data to create targeted promotions to increase sales. Finally automated maintenance reminders are setup so when it’s time for a motor vehicle inspection customers are reminded to come back to the dealership.

Customer Flow Communication is a powerful and affordable new way to communicate with customers. DealerEngage is one of the world’s first Customer Flow Communication platform.