Dealer Engage has joined the DealerVault Premier Network to offer dealers an integrated solution

DEALER+VAULTLa Crosse, WI, October 12, 2015 – DealerVault is pleased to announce that Dealer Engage has joined DealerVault’s Premier Network. This partnership will help provide and store automotive data for Dealer Engage’s automotive industry clients.

DealerVault’s Premier Network allows third-party solution providers, such as Dealer Engage, the ability to actively support dealerships’ desire to take back control of their data. This platform creates a win-win for vendors and dealerships alike. Dealerships are empowered with control over their data and Premier Vendors are able to actively support this desired effort. Now, Dealer Engage will be able to help dealerships control their data and credit dealerships that provide information.

“Partnering with DealerVault will really help us better serve our clients,” stated Shawn Ryder, President of Dealer Engage. “We want all of our clients to have peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their valuable customer information.”

“It is my pleasure to announce that Dealer Engage has chosen to embrace transparency and dealer control in data movement by joining the DealerVault Premier Network. Dealer Engage is known for their strengths in the automotive marketing industry, and we anxiously anticipate the support this optimal partnership will provide for the automotive industry as a whole. I applaud the courage in Dealer

Engage’s choice to embrace transparency and true dealer control in data movement!” commented Stephen Cottrell, President and CEO of DealerVault.

DealerVault is excited to have Dealer Engage join them in their endeavor to revolutionize the automotive industry by putting dealerships back in control of their data. For more information, visit or call 877-834-2451.

About Dealer Engage

Dealer Engage is an all-encompassing automation solution for the automotive industry. With Dealer Engage, automotive dealerships can deliver personalized and targeted messages to clients through several channels of communication. For more information, please visit the Dealer Engage website, or email

About DealerVault

DealerVault is the first cloud-based system designed to empower dealerships with control over the syndication and distribution of their DMS data. Its’ easy to use, web-based platform allows dealerships to quickly setup, view, and modify DMS data feeds. DealerVault provides dealerships with a solution to all pressing issues including security, compliance, and indemnification., 877.834.2451

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