DealerVault – Dealer Engage Partnership

DealerVault is the first ever cloud-based system designed to allow dealerships to control the syndication and distribution of their data to approved third-party solution providers utilizing cloud services from Rackspace Hosting. NADA has urged dealerships to implement secure processes to protect the large volume of information they routinely collect from their customers and other sources in the day-to-day operations.

Specifically, NADA made three key points about information security:

Dealers must manage any data that comes in and out of their systems in accordance with ever-changing federal, state, and local law.

Dealers must treat their data as a valuable intellectual property or trade secret asset and, therefore, carefully manage access to and use of that information.

Any use of dealer data must benefit the dealer; use of dealer data that is outside of a service provider’s contract with a dealer that results in the reselling of data to an entity that competes with a dealer or a manufacturer that uses data to overly influence the individual selling process must be actively managed.

Above all, you should have control of, authorization over and the ability to review what information is being sent and where it is being sent to. Your customers entrust you with their vital information; make sure you have processes in place to be worthy of their expectations.

Control YOUR Data

With DealerVault you are always in control of who receives your data and what data they receive. DealerVault’s easy-to-use web platform allows you to quickly and easily view and modify current data feeds, check the status of activities and disable access with the simple click of a button. All worries about your data are eliminated.

Compliant and Secure

DealerVault offers a secure, compliant alternative for data movement. It enables you to comply with NADA guidelines by allowing solution providers (like Dealer Engage) access to only the data needed to drive their solution.