Don’t Be So Formal, Write With Personality

There are many ways to design email content to act as the first presentation material the potential customer is going to be viewing. However perhaps the most important point to keep in mind is to consider and ensure the content is designed according to the receiving party’s perception of what is acceptable and impressive and what is not.

There is a fine line between being too formal and being too casual, thus careful consideration should be given to the intention of the email, the product being touted and the person receiving it.

Loosely meaning that if the recipient is to be addressed in his or her capacity as a member of a company and representing its interest then the email may be expected to take on a more formal tone but if the email is meant to tweak an individual’s interest on a more personal basis then perhaps the tone should be changed accordingly to a less formal one.

However having said this, it would also not really serve any purpose to keep the tone of the email so formal that it becomes almost superficial and without any personal connecting connotations.

Using the personal touch as a measurable bench mark and trying to design the mail as closely as if the individual was making a presentation in person would give the email a more exciting an approachable tone.
This will also help the recipient to connect to the general content, more so if it is designed in an interactive way. The personality of the sender should ideally be felt and the email should also create a sense of comfort and trust between the two parties.

Establishing a slightly more personal platform to work on through the initial email will adequately provide for any future exchanges.

The attention grabbing window is comparatively very small for most people therefore it is important to optimize any attention directed to the email especially if it is only for a second. Using tools like teasers and links if well designed will help to optimize the chances of getting and retaining the attention of the viewer.

Some points to consider when designing teasers may include the following:

  • Choosing the best medium is necessary for the success of the email design. The press medium may be chosen for it small enticing ads which usually appears on several pages leading up to the main page. Then there are the online banners and flashes which could be provocative in nature which would entice the viewer to explore further.
  • Design the teaser to be directed at the needs of the recipient. If the product can reflect this need than the chances of perking the recipient’s interest is even better. Keep the direct personal approach foremost in the design work, toward giving the perception that the recipient is the only and important element in the equation.
  • Teasers should also be designed to attract the recipient curiosity. Curiosity always makes an individual pose questions that creates the initial exchange of ideas phase. This exchange once established is a step in the right direction and should be capitalized upon.
  • Another beneficial element to include is the use of links. The links should further enhance the content matter as it will assist in introducing other related sites to the recipient. These links if featured from a reputable website can increase the chances of being picked up by search engines which in turn makes the contents seem more relevant and popular. This popularity angle will further perk the interest of the recipient.
  • Understanding the profile of the recipient will lead to better usage of appropriate links whereby the potential of the email marketing style is enhanced.