Email Sending


Email has a wide variety of potential uses, and it is a great way to send relevant information, links and images. You can send out email newsletters to update customers, include links to take surveys, send images of your staff, company events or products, or attract more business with savings coupons. Email Marketing is a great way to promote your dealership.

Send out regular automotive email newsletters to highlight your new products, seasonal promotions and safety tips. Your customers can select how they prefer to be contacted so that you will always reach them in the way that is most convenient. Staying in frequent contact with your customers lets them know that you care about their business and their needs.

With marketing automation it is easy to create messages and schedule a time for them to send. Messages can be automatically segmented based on customer preferences or can be sent out to your entire list. All data received (including open rates, click throughs and more) is organized into easy to understand reports so you can see which messages got the most interaction.

Drag and Drop Editor

Create beautiful emails with no coding knowledge using our simple drag and drop editor. Simply select the elements you need and add them in. There is no need to use HTML code, but if you wish to further customize your emails you may insert your own code easily. Your email is automatically checked before completion to make sure it’s ready to send.

Professional Ready-Made Templates

dealer_engage_42Choose from our large variety of professionally designed email and newsletter templates. Templates enable you to save time, as once you select your template all you need to do is add content and schedule. You can create and save your own email templates for future use. You can also have a company branded template built for you by our in-house designers.

Tracking Data

Send personalized, targeted content to each person on your list to build a stronger, more profitable relationship. With email tracking and detailed reports, you will learn how to best appeal to each subscriber. Personalized emails increase open rates and lead to higher conversions and higher revenue.

Detailed Reports

5.-Email-ReportsView full campaign reports to gain insight into who your best leads are and how they engage. Track which emails each subscriber responds to, which emails gain the most opens and more with simple graphs and charts. Reports show you when the effective times are to send, which content your subscribers prefer and so on.