Event Management


Make your next dealership event the talk of the town. The Dealer Engage Event tool allows you to create and send invitations and date reminders, and it generates a landing page where guests can go for more information. All RSVPs are automatically sent to the email address of your choice so you always know how many guests will be attending. Online invitations provide guests with important event details and they are easy to create and send with our event management software.

Landing Page Generation

Our simple online drag and drop event tool enables you to create attractive and professional landing pages that lead to higher conversion rates. Easily edit them based on real-time feedback. You can also save event landing page templates that you have created so they can be used again, helping you save time and maintain brand consistency.

Detailed Reporting

After each event, see how effectively your messages performed by viewing reports of open rates, clickthroughs and unsubscribes. Also, analyze online event survey reports to learn which parts of the event were well received and which may need improvement. All event reports can easily be downloaded for further analysis.

Ticket Management

Event-TicketIf you need tickets for your event, you can easily design and create them. Our event planning software makes it simple to create online tickets that are easily scanned through guests’ mobile devices. They can also be printed off for convenience. Payments can be easily made online through the integrated PayPal service and you can view or limit how many guests are able to purchase tickets.