How has technology changed car buying?

Recently I had the opportunity to do an interview with some great folks – Jim Dykstra and Joe Webb, hosted by vinadvisor to discuss how technology has changed the car buying process.

As customer expectations grow, the bar keeps getting set higher for the dealership! With constant turnover with the sales team – customers enter the dealership know more about the vehicle they are coming to see than the actual salesperson does on the floor. Imagine a new hire (green pea) meeting a customer on the lot that has seen every YouTube video, spec sheet and review available on the tips of their fingers.

Now, assuming there is no trust between the customer and the salesperson – there is an uphill battle to climb. With the amount spent on traditional advertising – print, radio, commercials – it is hard to believe there is still hesitation to target customers in a set market area that are looking for vehicles dealers have on their lot. When a customer types in make, model, year and geographic area – shouldn’t that begin a sales process for the dealer that meets those requested details?

Here is a video that outlines how technology changed car buying – using the online car buying process: