How to Make the Most of Online Automotive Marketing

Chances are that in today’s digital age you have a website and an online presence to aid in your automotive marketing strategy. But are you making the most of it? Read on to learn the tips and tricks of optimizing your online presence and maximizing the benefits.

Get more out of your website
Car MarketingSo you have a website, but do you know how many people visit it and what they are browsing? If you are not using web tracking software you are missing out on lot of valuable information. With web tracking software you are able to view what each individual visitor has viewed on your website. This information is great for sending personalized communications to these prospects. By linking web tracking software to a customer relationship manager, profiles are created for anonymous leads. This means you can track the behaviour of prospects you don’t even know! Then, once they make themselves known to you, typically through a signup form on your site, their contact information is automatically added to the previously anonymous profile.

On top of creating personal profiles for each visitor, web tracking software gives you an overall view of your website. Web tracking software can show you which aspects of your site visitors engage with most and which aspects may need some improvement in order to gain more traction. This overall view is incredible helpful for making your website the best resource is can be for clients and prospects.

Have a strong social media presence
More and more people are taking to social media as a form of communication. Make sure you can reach this massive audience by creating social media profiles for your automotive company. Social media is a great way for you to provide resources and information to your clients and prospects. Most people search on social media to get reviews and opinions of products before they purchase. Make your social media profiles the go-to place for everything to do with automotive. Encourage clients to post reviews on your page, post tips and tricks for car care, or anything that will bring prospects to your page for more information.

A strong social media presence is key to an effective online marketing strategy. But, constant posting is very time consuming. Be sure to use social media automation tools to help you streamline your social media accounts and make posting quick and easy.

Get valuable feedback
We’ve already mentioned getting reviews on social media, but a more formal feedback option is also very valuable. After a client has completed a transaction with you, automatically follow-up with an email and a survey. This survey will help you improve your future services.

To ensure more clients fill out your survey, try offering incentives for completed surveys. For example, you could offer a discount off of a client’s next maintenance appointment or enter them into a draw for merchandise if they complete your survey. For more general improvement, try posting surveys on your social media accounts to see what your general audience thinks of your dealership. This information may not be as valuable as transaction-specific surveys, but it is helpful to know how your dealership is perceived.

Do it all from one platform
Online marketing can be difficult if you are using multiple websites and tools to do it. Consider an all-in-one automotive marketing solution to help you master online marketing. Most platforms offer a free trial. Take advantage of these trials and see how your automotive marketing strategy can improve.