Make the Most of your Automotive Newsletter

d808d7e2329a8b04cc44fe2c432f6c6dMost businesses use a newsletter as their main form of communication with clients and contacts. Email newsletters like these allow companies to distribute information quickly, effectively, and without a lot of effort.

Email newsletters within the automotive industry have average open rates between 5.3 and 8.4 percent. Compared to other industries, automotive has the lowest average open rate.

This leaves the question: what can you do to improve?

The main reason email newsletters do not get read is because they contain generalized content. Someone who drives a hybrid two-door car is not interested in the diesel truck you are promoting and vice versa.

By providing your contacts with personalized content, you will see your open rates increase. Studies show that personalization in emails increases. In fact, leads who are presented with personalized content can produce a 20 percent increase in sales.

However, creating a personalized newsletter for each of your contact would be a difficult task.

Marketing automation is the perfect tool to help you communicate with your contact personally and individually.

Using marketing automation, you can use conditional formatting to make your newsletter appeal to each lead and client on a personal level.

Conditional formatting automatically takes information about each contact and uses it to create the perfect newsletter for that contact. Basically, you create your newsletter and it will automatically be adjusted to highlight the information that appeals most to each user. For example, if you have several locations and only one of them is having a sale then only contacts that live in that area will be shown the information about the sale.

Marketing automation allows you to communicate with your clients personally without adding additional work to your day.