Managed Services

To market your dealership effectively, you need a group of people who truly understand the industry and how to target specific customers. This is why many of the top dealerships in the world use in-house marketing teams to do their work.

shutterstock_124551820However, this option is very expensive, and it requires the employment of a team of qualified, dedicated individuals. If you’re a mid-sized dealership, you simply don’t have the resources to do that. It’s a way to get all the advantages of an in-house marketing team without having to employ one. Shawn Ryder and his team will learn your brand like no other marketing company in automotive can. We will assume the role of your digital marketing team.

The services we offer include Dealer Engage support, customer database management, development of inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, building centralised targeted decisions logic, driving vehicle customer insight, business intelligence and analytics. Take advantage of Dealer Engage technology without having to become a marketing technology specialist.

Get the tools you need to implement your target communication system – targeted e-mail marketing, lead nurturing, a sales and marketing database, social media, analytic, reporting, and more.