Use automated marketing and real-time customer communication to effectively build loyalty and personalize the relationship between customers and the dealership. Automated marketing boosts customers’ conversions and response rates to marketing campaigns by 16%, because automated campaigns are more relevant to each unique customer’s needs. Just by setting up simple campaigns, the dealership can quickly cater to each customer’s unique preferences. At the same time, using automated marketing decreases the time the dealership has to spend executing campaigns by 50%. Just think what you could do with all that extra time.

Imagine if you could send customers information that is based on their specific vehicle: specials, tire information and custom messages. You have the data, why not personalize the entire automotive experience for your customer? This uniquely personalized customer care will not only build trust and keep the relationship active, but the dealership will also increase its customer communication efficiency and save time and effort.

Automated messages help the dealership stay in consistent contact with its customers, keeping the dealership in their minds and driving business back to the service department. On the whole, automated marketing boosts dealership revenue by 18%. Stop wasting time managing appointments and maintenance reminders and give your whole automotive marketing communication plan a smooth, effective flow from start to finish. The automated marketing solution is simple to use, yet powerful enough to maintain efficient communication with each of your many customers.