Customer Sonar – Site Tracking


Do you know where your hot leads are coming from? Do you know how to turn a website lead into a customer? Sonar enables you to track each lead and customer in detail so you can learn more about your audience. Detailed tracking allows you to optimize your website and your marketing campaigns so you can connect with your leads and customers more effectively.

Sonar begins tracking a lead as soon as they hit your website for the first time. Anonymous leads are tracked by their IP address, browser identity and a unique cookie. Detailed personal profiles are built up based on which pages they visit and what they click. Once a lead does subscribe or leave any of their contact information, you will already have a detailed profile of their activity and history built up.

Couple filling in paperwork in car showroomHaving a personal profile with lots of specific information means that you are able to send out highly personalized campaigns to each of your leads. You will know exactly what each lead is interested in and what their preferences are, therefore you will know the best way to connect with them. Personal targeting makes your marketing campaigns much more effective, boosts your customer engagement and ultimately increases your revenue. It also helps shorten your sales cycle.

Sonar is most effective when used with Dealer Engage 360 because it enables you to automate your personalized campaigns and send targeted messages to each lead quickly and easily.

You can also use Sonar to track promotional links that you send in your monthly email newsletter, to shorten contest links and so on.

Visitor Tracking

Site_TrackingGain insight into anonymous website visitors and how they interact with your site. Analyzing your SONAR reports will show you where anonymous leads are going on your site. This enables you to build a personal profile of each lead based on their unique IP address and browser identity before they sign up or provide their contact information.

Website Optimization

View a snapshot of website hits, clicks over time and your top links in real time. From the SONAR dashboard, learn which parts of your website are most popular and most effective. Analyzing this information helps you optimize your website, landing pages and social media pages to make them more engaging.

Personal Profiles

Build full profiles for each contact using data collection forms and behavioural tracking. All contact data, activity and history is automatically collected and stored in personal profiles. Gathering detailed information helps you create personally targeted campaigns for each lead, which increases effectiveness and enables you to build a stronger personal connection.

Lead Scoring

Automatically tag and score contacts based on which site categories they visited. Identify qualified leads by tracking which pages they visit and which actions they take. Lead interaction and activity is automatically collected, saving you time and providing you with personalized details so you can build better campaigns.