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Step by Step Guide to Marketing Using Facebook Ads

You can enjoy success by learning how to mix online advertising with Facebook ads and content marketing. You can measure the effectiveness of your Facebook ads using Google Analytics and number of other tools. If you properly place your ads, viewers will not find them as annoying. Targeted ads will enjoy a much higher click

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Developing a Winning Social Media Marketing Plan

First, here is a quick glimpse on some revealing social media statistics: Facebook – According to ExactTarget, the primary reason why people “LIKE” a Facebook page is to establish a sales relationship with a specific brand, through the following: to receive promotions and coupons (40%), derive instant updates on upcoming sales (30%), and to show

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Why is Social Media Important in the Automotive Industry?

You’re busy running a car dealership: scheduling maintenance appointments, selling cars, and making sure your customers are completely satisfied takes most of your time. Social media is a far away thought; it doesn’t seem very important. After all, clients keep coming in so why should you bother? The internet is a large audience. And, 74

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