Text Messages


Text messages are an easy and quick way to interact with customers. The Dealer Engage Platform builds engaging mobile messages and sends them to your customers in minutes. Text messages are convenient and yet always personal. We can merge in customers’ names, company names or other details to help personalize the messages.

Personalized Text Messages

Capture your contacts’ attention with personalized text messages. Use the simple merge feature to insert names and gain the attention of your subscribers. If you select the merge feature, the personalized merge information will be automatically added to each individual text message.


Allow for simple text opt-in using shortcode keywords. Shortcodes are simple and engaging because they allow people to take action with just a few keystrokes. Shortcodes are useful for contests, promotions, charity events and much more.

Automated Responses

Follow up on text replies using marketing automation. When you set up a comprehensive text message campaign, you can create messages that will automatically be sent based on subscriber actions. This functionality enables you to provide immediate customer service even when your representatives are busy.

Easy Unsubscribes

Stay compliant with CAN-SPAM and CASL with unsubscribe management. Most text message marketers enable subscribers to opt out by texting the word “Stop” to their number. Unsubscribes may be added to your opt-out list either automatically or manually. Keeping your unsubscribe list up to date ensures that you are legally compliant.