The 4 Key Value Builders

Dealership SalesMaking a presentation is why most of us are in the business of selling. We love to talk don’t we? So sometimes we load up on product knowledge, only to deliver it in the form of a data dump, and customers may be overwhelmed. We also tend to focus solely on the vehicle. But there is more to selling than just the product.

Dealer Engage teaches salespeople to focus on four key value-building components – You, the Dealership, the Manufacturer and the Product.

And according to research, today’s customer’s needs are best addressed by focusing our selling efforts along the following strategic lines:

– 40% Building trust
– 30% Identifying needs
– 20% Presenting solutions
– 10% Confirming and closing

By spending more time by preparing early in the process, you’re able to identify more of what the customer wants and that helps you build value. Since value is increased, you’ll effectively reduce the time it takes to close a sale.