The How-To Guide to Social Media for the Automotive Industry

The internet is continually growing and becoming more and more popular as a communication tool. This is especially true in the case of social media. Currently, over 74 percent of all internet users use social media websites.

What does this mean for your dealership?

dealerengage_newBusinesses are starting to take advantage of social media to promote their message in a new light. By sharing content, responding to feedback, and conversing with customers, businesses are using social media to engage customers in a whole new way.

You can, too!

And, in fact, you should.

Businesses in the automotive industry need to engage their customers on any and all platforms available to them in order to increase the customer return rate and appeal to new customers. Social media is another avenue to do this.

But, it is important not to drive straight into social media without a plan. There are specific posts and types of information that customers will respond to more on social media.

Here are three tips to help guide your social media strategy:

1 – Avoid hard marketing approaches

imageSocial media is a place where users connect and communicate on a more personal level. If you are constantly trying to market to this audience you will see your following decrease quickly. Of course, occasionally mentioning a sale or promotion is okay as long as it is relevant to the people following you.

2 – Try a social media-exclusive promotion

This may seem contradictory to the previous point, but this falls into the occasional sale or promotion category. Plus, by making this offer exclusive to your social media followers you increase your engagement with them because they feel important for scoring this exclusive deal.

Examples of promotions you could offer are “Use the secret password ‘Facebook Maintenance’ on your next visit and save 10% off your oil change!” or “The first 5 followers to comment on this post will save 15% on their winter tires!”

3 – Share content

So, if you can’t post many marketing posts and promotions then what can you post?

The best way to engage your followers on social media is by using an inbound marketing strategy. This means that you need to provide them with valuable content that they will want to read and use. This can be as simple as posting industry-specific tips and tricks like: “How to Pick the Right Car” or “How to Know When You Need Maintenance.”

This is information that your customers need and by providing it you will seem like the industry expert.

Are you ready to use social media?

Don’t let social media take up too much of your time, though. Take advantage of social media automation tools to do the posting for you. These tools allow you to write posts in advance and have them come out over time. This means you have an engaging social media presence that you don’t need to constantly be updating.