The Interactive, Service Walk-Around

Service MarketingAre you ready for a paradigm shift?

The 360-degree service walk-around is the one process you can implement this year that will make a major, positive impact on your customers and the way you do business.

It requires preparation and an interactive experience with the customer at our side. It has been proven to save the customer time – a paradigm shift – and just the opposite of what many Managers and Advisors think, which is why they’re not doing it right now. This includes luxury brands.

During these valuable minutes spent, washer fluid needs to be topped-off, in front of the customer. A preliminary battery inspection needs to be performed, in-full view of the customer. Wheels need to be turned to the right. Lights on. Mileage pronounced out loud.

“You’ll be happy to know there are no open recalls on your vehicle”, as we check the manufacturers history.

Let’s face it, you can keep coming up with excuses to remain at the service counter, or embrace a better way of doing business. Your customers will love it and appreciate the difference.