Three Types of Email Marketing

Dealer Engage Email MarketingEmail marketing is classified under three forms. Those three forms all have a printed counterpart. Each is cut out to serve the basic objectives of a company. Each is laid out to deliver the results the advertiser so wanted. Choosing among the three forms of email marketing depends on the resources and the capabilities of the advertisers themselves and what they think seems fit to the taste of their potential customers. It is very important to choose the applicable type because that will spell its efficiency.

Direct Email
Direct email marketing is basically sending promotional brochures and leaflets to peoples’ mailboxes. In the electronic world, they come in as an email. People who, for example, stumbled upon your site, liked what he saw, and decided that he wants to receive email updates from your company can be sent with such messages. Direct email is laid out as a direct promotional activity, persuading people to buy the products available or try the services on offer. In some cases, direct email marketing contains promotional offers, announcement of a new product or service, etc.

Unlike the usual sending out of brochures and leaflets, direct email proves to be more convenient and very economical but with the same goals and processes. Of course, you will need to gather email addresses that agree to receive updates from your company. If you are new in the business and do not have a mailing list yet, you can lend a list from service companies, which will allow you to choose your recipients according to the specifications of your program or promotion.

In direct emails, the layout and the format has to be enticing enough, much like an advertising copy. It has to be peppered with interesting information about your product or service, making the people want to click away the links or go straight to your site and purchase something. To put it simply, you have to be effective in getting your message across through simple words, lots of graphics, and straightforward communication. You need to tickle the interest of the recipient otherwise your email marketing tactic will just end up at the trash folder.

Direct email is applicable to both potential and return customers. Advertisers just have to make sure that the message contained in their communication will work amazingly for them to get the results that they are geared towards. It all depends on how the email is structured.

Retention Email
For others who do not want to appear as hard sell, there’s the choice of going for retention emails instead. In this case, advertisers produce, not promotional materials but informative ones geared towards the promotion of the product or service the company carries. Although newsletters contain promotional messages, they have that long-term appeal because of the entertainment and information contained in them. The advertising part comes subtly so that the receiver does not feel that you are merely selling them your product or service. You are helping out to make their life better and suggesting some products they could use along.

Newsletters are more appealing for some because of their readability value. For as long as you produce significant material for your specific target market, you can be sure that you will be read and will not just end up at the trash before you are opened. If you have skillfully injected advertising along with your informative material, you have a fairly good chance of enjoying increased sales altogether.

Again, it all depends on how skillful the material is made. As with magazines or printed newsletters, your email marketing must contain relevant and new information every time especially if you are sending them to the same people periodically. If you come in redundant or senseless, you will fail to get through your communication goals.

People nowadays, with their busy schedules and all, prefer an eye-pleasing reading material over letter-oriented ones. You have to be choosy with your words and graphics to make sure that you will be read. Write short but meaty articles to go along with catchy graphics. That is the only way you could steal some time off people’s busy schedules.

People usually consider a newsletter more valuable than promotional stunts. That’s because it contains more than sales marketing. They have relevant information in them that is usually significant to their daily lives.

Newsletter Advertising
Securing an advertising space is another option that email marketers have to get their message across. In this case, you just buy an ad space in a newsletter to reach your target market. Instead of making your own newsletter, you can scout for newsletters that you think reach your target audience or relates your own message. If you are in the business of skin care, you can use an ad space in some beauty care tip newsletter.
You will never find it difficult to come across a newsletter relevant to your business. There are many newsletters in existence that is created for just this purpose. To get the best advantage, make sure that you choose the best newsletter that will give you the perfect results. Make sure that it reaches a wide audience who may find your product relevant in their daily lives.

Some people prefer this option because it proves to be more convenient and assures a greater chance of reaching the target market. Of course, you will judge the newsletter according to its subscribers and its content to keep your best interest in check.