What is TradeRev?

TradeRev is rapidly becoming the go-to software in the auto professional’s re-marketing arsenal and is making a big impact in the auto industry. We started in Toronto, Canada but quickly exploded nationwide and steadily growing our business in the United States. TradeRev is Revolutionizing Automotive Sales with an innovative remarketing platform for dealers. Find out more at www.traderev.com and join the revolution!

Auction at Appraisal
Create a live Trade Appraisal Auction at any time with your smartphone or desktop. Receive instant, live bids at appraisal within minutes of receiving the trade-in. It’s real money, right now!

Sales Tool
TradeRev helps you sell more cars – it gets you real numbers even before the retail deal is done. Your customer gets the value they want through live, open, competitive bidding.

Wholesale Tool
We’ve packed all the power of the physical auction into the palm of your hand. Launch auctions quickly, anytime and anywhere. Start receiving bids within minutes. Never get buried in a trade again!

Fresh New Car Trades
Bid on trade-in and front-line ready vehicles long before they reach any traditional inventory channels.

Never Miss An Auction
TradeRev works in smartphones, tablets and on the desktop – meaning you can literally be participating in an auction anywhere you are. Auction notifications are available via sms, mobile or email so you never miss any action.

Low Cost Fees
Starting as low as $0, fees max out at $95 pre purchase – that’s it! TradeRev gives you convenience and flexibility that’s not offered at the traditional auctions – all at a reduced price.

Electric Fund Transfer / Inventory Facing
Pay or finance your purchase with one click. Sellers get paid quicker.

Real Time Shipping Quotes
Receive real time shipping quotes while bidding. Order shipping with one click.

Inspection & Arbitration
Full integration with AutoVIN for fast inspection processing and an efficient arbitration process that follow NAAA guidelines.

Title Management
Guaranteed title or your money back. Full title management. (US Only)