Who Needs Training?

Car MarketingHave you heard the argument: “I’ve been doing this for 20 years! I know how to sell cars and there’s nothing new you can tell me!”

There will always be those who don’t think they need training. They believe that their experience, their recent performance, or a combination of both, qualifies them as experts who don’t need to improve. So, should they be exempt from training?

Let’s take a lesson from the pro’s. For athletes like Tiger Woods, training is a daily event. When you consider that the top-golfer in the world is described as “the hardest working player on the tour”, you begin to understand the level of dedication required to be the best.

Our marketplace is changing. Companies pay millions every year to keep up on the latest trends, including training.

Falling behind the competition in even one area of expertise can have disastrous long-term results. If you are to continue to be effective, you must be committed to regular and up-to-date training.