twitter_cover_shawnThe platform is a solution to personalize messaging at the right time for a particular audience. The Automotive industry can send follow up messages with details on particular vehicles and then incentive deals when the client engages. Service calls, ordered parts and consistent communication can all be automated using email, voice, text, fax or social media.

Having a highly engaged audience who feels valued and appreciated is what every organization strives to achieve. The triggering of automated and personalized messages gives the customer the feeling that they are in control of what messages they receive and when they interact with them. This type of personalized and interactive communication will significantly improve open rates and build a long-term loyalty between the company and the user.

  • Visualize: Map out dealership customer communications to include all touch points
  • Target: Use clear and actual data to truly understand your customers
  • Engage: Connect with current and prospective customers based on their preferences and actions
  • Nurture: Guide prospects from test drive to sale and ensure loyal customers
  • Flow: Marketing automation and multi-channel communication in one platform
  • Optimize: Detailed reporting helps optimize campaigns and save money, driving more traffic
  • Innovate: Stay head of competition with the hottest trend in marketing